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Who we are?

Everyone is an expert in something, and we 5 years make a website about creativity. About creativity in all its variants — from high art to cool ads at the entrances.

We at PearlViral want creativity to become the basis of life. So that it live in everything that you do. Because creativity makes us better, kinder and more interesting. We collect connoisseurs of beauty. Doubting talents ready to lead to new horizons. People who understand that they do not understand anything. We put our souls in what we do.

The essence of PearlViral is that it is made by people for whom the taste and the sense of beauty stand in the first place. Our task — to make a work of art online. To collect all the best and brightest things in one place, in our website. The work of artists, designers, photographers, advertisers, and just not indifferent talented people.


Advertising on the website

Advertising area Size Time Impressions Price
At the top of the site pages
980x120px 100 000
On the right side of all pages of the site
336x280px 100 000
In the center of the main page and bottom the secondary pages
980x120px month 25%
VerticalRectangle Bottom
At the top of the site pages
336x280px month 25%
PR material
Placement of information material
Not more than 4000 symbols month 1
Photography of the reportage with accommodation
from 20 to 60 pictures 1
Placing a photoset
Photoset of the customer (book, presentation, reportage, etc.) in the thematic section “Photos”
up to 30 pictures 1
Special placement in the Catalog
Priority placement at the top of the catalog with color highlighting, logo placement
month 1

The minimum order is 200,000 impressions (in zones with impressions).


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